Major Objective

  1. To promote the floriculture product in the domestics and external markets.
  2. To make people aware of floriculture as a business by establishing the floriculture business as an export oriented business and motivate them to get involved in this business.
  3. To carry out experimentation to set standards regarding plants, cut flowers and products.
  4. To work towards creating a suitable environment for the enhancement of floriculture activities.
  5. To encourage small farmers and entrepreneurs to undertaken commercial floriculture production and ultimately endeavors poverty alleviation.
  6. To help upgrade the production, management, and marketing skills.
  7. To offer quality training and information to its member in effort to produce floriculture products of international standards.
  8. To enhance financial income of the country in the long run.
  9. To perform activities for the promotion of floriculture business.
  10. To act as a pressure group for the welfare of floriculture entrepreneurs of the country.
  11. To Provide advisory supports and advocate & lobby on behalf of floriculture sector in formulating appropriate policies, laws, acts, plans and programs for promotion and development of floriculture
  12. To identify the problems and prospects faced by floriculture entrepreneurs and take possible action for their remedies.
  13. To conduct all kind of flower exhibition, expo, competition and conference for promoting the rising and flourishing development of floriculture industry in Nepal.
  14. To collect, compile and edit all the information related to floriculture.


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ADMINOctober 13th, 2022

फूल प्रेमी महानुभाव तथा उद्यमीज्यूहरु फ्लोरिकल्चर एशोसिएसन नेपालकले यहि यहि २०७९ कार्तिक ३ देखि ६ गते (चार दिन) सम्म जाउलाखेल खेल मैदान, ललितपुरमा  “१५ औं गोदावरी...

ADMINNovember 30th, 2020

२०७७ सालको तिहार पर्वमा खपत भएको सयपत्री तथा मखमली फूलको माग र आपुर्ति सम्बन्धि प्रेस बिज्ञप्ती    यस बर्षको दशै पछिको दोस्रो नेपालीहरुको महान चाड तीहार पर्व कोरोना...

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