फ्लोरिकल्चर एशोसिएसन नेपाल

Estab:15, Nov, 1992
News Headlines
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Strategies and Approaches



 ·     Establish formal linkage between line agencies for policy advocacy, information and networking.

·     Offer training for enterprise development, production, post harvest techniques and marketing skills.

·     Enter into twining arrangement with research industries for responsive high quality diagnostic and technical services.

·     Seeks technical and financial support for achieving the objectives of FAN.

·     Encourage production of technical human resources.

·     Develop commodity groups towards cooperation, competitive alliance for the development of the wholesale market.

·     Promote joint ventures and business partnerships.

·     Collaboration with Government organizations, NGOs, INGOs & Other organization for technology development & dissemination, infrastructure development, mother plant production etc.

·     Identify and explore the floriculture potential area throughout the country.

·     Rural development and poverty alleviation