फ्लोरिकल्चर एशोसिएसन नेपाल

Estab:15, Nov, 1992
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Floriculture Association Nepal (FAN) was established on 15th Nov, 1992 with a view to organize and promotes floriculture business in Nepal. It is a not for profit, non governmental and national level professional business membership organization under the Nepalese laws and acts.

FAN works for the benefit of its members including flower growers/producers, wholesellers and retailers. It has various activities that help in enterprise growth to ultimately establish floriculture as an export oriented industry in Nepal. In addition FAN focused on enhancing product quality and market promotion of its members utilizing various tools and techniques.
The secretarial of FAN is located at Battishputali-9, Dhobikhola Kathmandu. FAN is a member of Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI), Nepal Chamber of Commerce & Industry (NCCI), Nepal China Chamber of Commerce & Industry (NCCCI). It has 544 general members.
To help in sustainable growth of national economy through promotion and development of floriculture sector in Nepal. 
To enhance Nepalese floriculture sector in becoming globally competitive by overall development of floriculture entrepreneurs.